OCT SEMINAR - The Right to Strike in Australia: A Brief History


The Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association South Australia (ALERA SA) is presenting an information seminar on 25th October 2017 on the subject and history of The Right to Strike in Australia
With the new ACTU Secretary decrying the “unjust laws” that restrict Australian workers from taking industrial action, it is timely to examine the history and development of those laws. In this presentation, Professor Andrew Stewart will explain how the treatment of collective action by workers has gradually evolved over the past two centuries. During the heyday of the conciliation and arbitration systems, work stoppages were nominally unlawful but highly common in practice – and only rarely the subject of legal sanctions. Yet since the Keating Government legislated in 1993 to create the first ever right to take industrial action, its incidence has plummeted. At the same time, it has become more common for employers or Government agencies to pursue legal sanctions against unions, officials and individual workers when unlawful action is taken or threatened. And, as the ACTU Secretary has highlighted, the capacity for “protected” action to be taken falls far short of international labour standards. The question now is whether there is any future for the right to strike – and what the past might tell us about the struggle to reclaim one.
Speaker – Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart is the John Bray Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide and a Legal Consultant to the law firm Piper Alderman. One of Australia’s leading experts in employment law and workplace relations, he is the President of the Australian Labour Law Association, an editor of the Australian Journal of Labour Law and co-director of the Adelaide Law School’s Work and Employment Regulation research group. His books include Stewart’s Guide to Employment Law and Creighton & Stewart’s Labour Law. His current research includes Australian Research Council-funded projects on the regulation of unpaid work experience and the role of industrial tribunals in promoting workplace cooperation.

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Event date: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 01:00