Executive Committee

ALERA Executive Committee

The ALERA Executive Committee is the national governing body of ALERA.  It is comprised of up to four representatives of each of the various Constituent Bodies from each State and Territory.  The current Executive Committee members are:

ALERA Office-Bearers

  • President - Neroli Ellis (IRST)
  • Secretary - Anna Lee Cribb (IRSV)
  • Treasurer - Commissioner Leigh Johns OAM (IRSV)
  • Immediate Past President - Professor Greg Bamber (IRSV)
  • Vice Presidents - John Counter (IRSNSW); Nate Burke (IRSQ); Abbey Kendall (ALERA (SA)); Brenton Higgins (ALERA (ACT))

Australian Capital Territory

  • Kirsty Easdale
  • Brenton Higgins
  • Allan McLean
  • Matthew Peterson

New South Wales

  • John Counter
  • Graham Evans
  • Fiona Corbert
  • Rae Cooper 


  • Nathan Burke
  • Faiyaz Devjee
  • Vaishi Rajanayaga
  • Joanne McConnell

South Australia

  • Abbey Kendall
  • Peter Hampton
  • Glen Seidel
  • Craig Stevens


  • Neroli Ellis
  • Craig Green
  • Jane Fitton


  • Professor Greg Bamber
  • Anna Lee Cribb
  • Professor Julian Teicher
  • Commissioner Leigh Johns

Western Australia

  • Alex Lyon
  • Jane Van Den Herik


Life Members

  • Joe Catanzariti AM, Vice President, Fair Work Commission
  • Keith Hancock AO, Emeritus Professor, Flinders University and University of Adelaide; formerly a Presidential Member of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission
  • Brian Lacy AO, Barrister; formerly Presidential Member, Australian Industrial Relations Commission
  • Russell Lansbury AO, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
  • Joanna Minchinton, Employment Relations Manager, Queensland Hotels Association
  • John Niland AC, Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales


Past Presidents

The following people have served as Presidents of ALERA, formerly known as the Industrial Relations Society of Australia (IRSA). Details show the professional position held at the time of election, together with the state or territory of their constituent body.

2020/21 - Greg J. Bamber, Professor, Monash University, Victoria

2018/19 - Kaye Smith, EMA Legal, South Australia

2016/17 - Sharlene Wellard, Meridian Lawyers, New South Wales

2015 - Sarah Meier, Fair Work Commission, Australian Capital Territory

2014 - Joanna Minchinton, Employment Relations Manager, Queensland Hotels Assoc.

2013 - Hon. Brian Lacy, Barrister and Mediator, Victoria

2012  - Peter Hampton, Commissioner, Fair Work Australia, South Australia

2011  -  Melanie Binet, Director - Legal Services, Gregor & Binet Pty Ltd, Western Australia

2010  -  Naomi Porrovecchio, Pay-Equity Officer, Office of Women’s Policy, Northern Territory

2009  - Russell Lansbury, Professor, University of Sydney, New South Wales

2008  - Pat Leary, President, Industrial Relations Commission of Tasmania

2007  - Alexandra Allars, Workplace Relations Manager, CSIRO, Australian Capital Territory

2006  - Susan Barrera, Chief of Staff, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Western Australia

2005 - Cheryl-Anne Laird, Associate Director, Livingstones, Queensland

2004 - Michael Butler, Principal, HR+ WorkLaw, Victoria

2003  - Stephen Dowd, Partner, Piper-Alderman, South Australia

2002 - Neil McHattie, Deputy Industrial Registrar, Australian Industrial Registry, Northern Territory

2001 - Christine Short, Consultant, Western Australia

2000 - Ed Davis, Professor, Macquarie University, New South Wales

1998/99 - Hugh Armstrong, Conciliation Officer, WorkCover Service, Victoria

1997/98  - Christine Hayward, Deputy Industrial Registrar, Australian Capital Territory

1996/97 - Trevor Small, Manager Employment Services, Brambles Australasia, Queensland

1995/96 - Sharon Woon, Senior Industrial Officer, Cwlth. Dept. of Ind. Rels., Northern Territory

1994/95 - William Holdsworth, Consultant, South Australia

1993/94 - Peter Halton, Secretary, Finance Sector Union, Tasmania

1992/93 - Jack Gregor, Commissioner, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

1991/92 - Tim Moore, Minister, New South Wales Parliament, New South Wales

1990/91 - Colin G. Polites, Dep. President, Aust. Industrial Relations Commission, Victoria

1989/90 - Tom Barton, Secretary, Trades and Labour Council of Queensland

1988/89 - Roy Hegarty, Deputy Industrial Registrar, South Australia

1987/88 - Brian Brooks, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales

1986/87 - Jim Coleman, Commissioner, Aust. Conciliation and Arbitration Commission, Western Australia

1985/86 - Gerry Lane, Deputy Director, Australian Chamber of Manufacturers, Victoria

1984/85 - Noel Shepherd, Secretary, Merchant Service Guild of Australia, Queensland

1983/84 - James Brassil, Chairman, Nat. Occupational Health and Safety Commission, Australian Capital Territory

1982/83 - John Niland, Professor, University of New South Wales

1981/82  - Keith Marshall, President, Industrial Relations Commission of Victoria

1980/81 - John Cross, Employee Relations Manager, Mitsubishi, South Australia

1979/80 - David McLeish, Secretary, Electrical Trades Union of New South Wales

1978/79 - Lionel Ledlie, Employee Relations Manager, Castlemaine Perkins, Queensland

1977/78  - Edward Sykes, Professor, University of Melbourne, Victoria

1976/77 - Owen Pamplin, Chairman, Tasmanian Wages Board

1975/76 - Vic Techritz, Controller of Employer Relations, Mobil Oil, Victoria

1974/75 - Harry Krantz, Secretary, Federated Clerks Union, South Australia

1972/74 - John Moore, President, Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission

1971/72 - Keith Hancock, Professor of Economics, Flinders University, South Australia

1969/71 - Lindsay Bowes, Secretary, Department of Labour and Industry, South Australia

1967/69 - George Polites, Director General, Confederation of Australian Industry, Victoria

1966/67 - Norm Thom, President, Labour Council of New South Wales

1965/66 -  John Kerr, Barrister, New South Wales