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The International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress will be an online event 21-24 June 2021. Making and Breaking Boundaries in Work and Employment Relations. The Call for Papers and submissions of abstracts and special session proposals were invited. Download Call for Papers. (Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2021.) The World Congress will provide excellent opportunities for discussion of new research results and policies, exchange of best practices, and social networking.

The US Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA)

LERA holds many events and conferences; currently most of them are online. LERA is ALERA’s sibling organisation in the USA where professionals interested in all aspects of employment relations network to share ideas and learn about new developments, issues, and practices in the field. Founded in 1947 as the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA), the US LERA provides a great forum where the views of representatives of unions, employers, government and academics, advocates and neutrals are welcome.

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