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In view of the COVID-19 pandemic the ALERA/IRSV Conference Committee has reluctantly postponed the ALERA National Conference, originally scheduled for October this year. The Conference will now be held on 15 and 16 October 2021 at Novotel Melbourne. 

Please stay tuned for further details and news, including the relaunch of registration and accommodation booking opportunities. If you, or your organisation, are interested in sponsoring the 2021 Conference, please do get in touch for a copy of our sponsorship package at natascha@theworkplacecollective.com.au



The extremely successful 2018 National Conference was hosted by ALERA South Australia and was held in the Barossa Valley from 18 October 2018 - 20 October 2018.

 The previous National Conference was hosted by the Industrial Relations Society of New South Wales on 26 May 2016 - 28 May 2016 and was held at Pier One, The Rocks Sydney NSW.


The Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA) administers the Journal of Industrial Relations (JIR). The JIR is an international ISI-ranked journal that analyses a wide range of employment and workplace issues. It is one of the oldest and most highly regarded academic journals in industrial relations around the world. The JIR is the pre-eminent journal of industrial, employment and workplace relations in Australia and has provided an authoritative record of developments in industrial relations for over 50 years (since April 1959). It is a peer reviewed journal, publishing five issues per year. The JIR includes contributions exploring the traditional concerns of industrial relations as well as studies addressing the intersection of workplace, family and community and how individuals, groups, organizations and institutions (including government) shape the employment relationship. The JIR has an international reputation for publishing rigorous qualitative and multi-method analyses, including theoretically-informed case studies and international and comparative papers.  The JIR is available on-line and in hard copy. More information about the JIR is available here.


The Laffer Lecture is an annual lecture organised and hosted by the University of Sydney at Sydney University. 

Kingsley Laffer (1911-93) introduced the teaching of industrial relations at the University of Sydney in the early 1950s and taught in the field for over twenty years. Kingsley was the founding editor of the Journal of Industrial Relations for 18 years and he was one of the founders of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW, which is now part of a national organisation, the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA).

The inaugural Kingsley Laffer Memorial Lecture was given in 1993 by the Hon Bob Hawke. Subsequent Laffer Lecturers
 have featured:

1994 – Mr Bert Evans
1995 – Justice Deidre O’Connor
1996 – Ms Jennie George
1997 – The Hon Jeff Shaw
1998 – Mr Justice Bill Fisher
1999 – Ms Quentin Bryce
2000 – Mr Brian Pickett
2001 – Ms Sharan Burrow
2002 – Justice Michael Kirby
2003 – Professor Russell Lansbury
2004 – Ms Heather Ridout
2005 – Professor Ron McCallum
2006 – The Hon Kim Beazley
2007 – Hon Julia Gillard MP
2008 – Reverend Tim Costello
2009 –Professor Russell Lansbury
2010 – Ms Sue Bussell
2011  – Professor Thomas Kochan
2012 - Ms Helen Conway
2013 – Justice Iain Ross